How It Works

Picture a chaise lounge or lawn chair and remember how comfortable it is to be supported simply by straps with air circulating beneath. Imagine that those straps alternately loosen and tighten, relieving pressure and allowing heat and moisture to dissipate.

CircSupport uses strong 1.5 inch wide straps, securely fastened to slow, quiet motors connected through a timer to a standard wall outlet. The straps are enclosed in a zippered cover which is breathable, cleanable, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. Durafoamâ„¢ padding over the frame further helps to protect the patient.

Every ten minutes, even-numbered straps loosen slightly while the patient is fully supported by the odd-numbered straps. Twenty seconds later the straps return to taut position and five minutes after that the odd-numbered straps loosen for twenty seconds. The patient feels fully supported and comfortable at all times in the cycle while the CircSupport system automatically does the repositioning.

Since straps can be individually removed, almost total pressure relief is possible in selective 1.5 inch segments. This is especially important for those patients who already have pressure ulcers, particularly in the heel area. The head section and the leg section can work independently. An internal lifting device can assist in getting the patient in and out of bed for changing, physical therapy, or exercise.

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