CircSupport Mechanized Wheelchair

The prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers is vitally important to anyone who spends significant hours in a wheelchair. CircSupport will be the only wheelchair to meet the current NPUAP standards for repositioning every 15 minutes and maintains a log, allowing caregivers to record interventions for patient charting.

Underneath the breathable, bacteriostatic seat cover, CircSupport’s patented technology supports the patient on comfortable straps which alternately loosen and tighten, relieving pressure and minimizing shear while allowing heat and moisture to dissipate.

The slip-on seat cover is removable and cleans easily with a damp cloth and gentle detergent. The CircSupport mechanized wheelchair seat is energy efficient, cost-effective and powered by a lithium battery.

We are looking for a corporate partner that shares our vision and can help bring this vital product to the marketplace.

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