An Entirely New Concept in the Mechanical Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers

At Healthy Functions™, we believe that patients in hospitals, long term care, homecare, or in wheelchairs should not suffer from bedsores (decubitus sores). We’ve worked hard to develop a unique, safe and effective patient support surface that addresses all four physical causes of pressure ulcers:

  • Excess moisture
  • Shear forces dragging against the skin
  • Heat build-up
  • Constant pressure

Bedsores cause the deaths of more than 60,000 Americans each year, more than AIDS and breast cancer combined. Healthy Functions is committed to providing products that will help eliminate this unnecessary suffering.

Healthy Functions, LLC is developing the CircSupport™ mattress and mechanized wheelchair seat for both healthcare facilities and the homecare setting that meet the latest NPUAP standards.

We are looking for a corporate partner that shares our vision and can help commercialize it.

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