Our Company

Healthy Functions™ is founded on the principle that bedsores can be prevented. The technology behind our unique CircSupport™ mattress and wheelchair seat was invented by a physician experienced in treating patients suffering from pressure ulcers. Our goal is to have this vital technology become the medical industry standard in long term care facilities and acute care hospitals; anywhere that immobile or handicapped patients will be treated. Patients convalescing at home, often in hospital beds can benefit as well, saving caregivers the challenging task of every 2-hour repositioning. CircSupport™ can be utilized at home without the need for a full hospital bed.

CircSupport™ is effective, efficient, can save money in treatment costs and could free medical providers for other clinical tasks. Medicare has declared pressure ulcers to be a “Never Event”; one that should never happen and as such the medical insurance carriers will not pay for pressure ulcer treatment, leaving hospitals and acute care facilities to foot the bill.

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